We consistently undertake proposals, installations, and services

An all-in-one support system
that does not end with sales alone

Safe work to...

provide reassurance to everyone

We have introduced OSHMS (occupational safety and health management system) and comply with the customer's on-site work rules based on Risk assessment .

All-in-one support from...

experience cultivated in 70 years

Since Morita owns a contractor in-house, our employees are directly involved from the first meeting to the acceptance inspection meeting, and consistently play the role of a prime contractor.

Qualified people for...

you to solve your problems

All sales reps in MORITA have common qualifications for the Toyota Group, which is supervised by the Toyota Motor Safety and Health Cooperation Association. Utilizing the experience cultivated over many years, we will deliver "safety" to all customers.

  • Seismic isolation system
  • Reduction of oil mist
  • Installation of chamber
  • Clean room construction
  • Installation of Precision measuring machine
  • Installation of Machine Tools
  • Installation of conveyor
  • Plate working
  • Circuit system design and installation
  • Electrical construction
  • Relocation work
  • Remodeling work of machine tools
  • Heat measures
  • Seismic retrofitting
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