Solution sales that increase productivity and efficiency

Contributing to the development
of the industry for over 70 years

Uncovering potential needs for...

Listening Ability

Every company has a problem that must be solved. MORITA will discover and solve not only problems that customers are aware of, but also "potential problems" that they are not aware of.

Cultivated from many years of experience is...

Proposal power

MORITA has been developing with the Toyota Group since our company had born. We have been involved in projects for many years and continue to propose optimal systems that match the changing times.

Numerous items available for...

Solving problems

With more than 70 years of experience, MORITA has a track record of more than 5,000 manufacturers. We can coordinate the best system for customers with the best products.

System Installing Flow

We can listen to the "theme" customers currently have and coordinate the optimal system. In addition to selling equipment, we also can install  them in incidental work in-house, so we take responsibility for consistent support.


Ask the theme customers have  


Propose the best system


Demonstration and check the specification 



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